Following Governor Cooper’s latest announcement, we are sad to report that we will not be reopening until October 2nd. We would have loved to reopen sooner, but indoor entertainment is not to open until Phase 3. Once we can confirm our reopening date, we will resume our new normal operations.

Once we reopen, we will be offering only private rooms and deep cleaning what might have been touched. In addition, masks will be mandatory for our staff as well as customers, our schedule will be adjusted to eliminate the risk of crossing paths with other groups and hand sanitizer will be placed in each room. 

We’ll do our best to ensure that we can all start having challenging fun again, while remaining healthy.

See you soon!

Mylene and Jay



An hour never feels shorter than it does at Exit Strategy, and that’s all the time you have to escape our rooms. Few succeed, and those that do have earned their bragging rights!

Exit Strategy’s rooms are challenging – but they’re also lots of fun! It’s an hour like you’ve never experienced before. You’ll leave feeling accomplished and ready for more!

Can your team of friends, family, or coworkers work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and ultimately escape one of our rooms? We’ll find out.

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Escaping from our themed rooms requires keen problem-solving skills as well as a group of up to six to ten people that can communicate efficiently while working together to find new clues. Each uncovered clue places teams one step closer to achieving their ultimate goal: unlock the door and flee the room before the countdown ends. Success may earn the group a place on Exit Strategy’s wall of fame, although failure may inspire a repeat visit to try again.

Click on the location of your choice below to see which rooms each one offers. You will learn more about the themes, difficulty levels, age restrictions, and capacity of each of our rooms.

NORTH LOCATION (University Area)

9539 Pinnacle Dr. Ste 300, Charlotte NC
980-859-4482 ~ info@exitstrategynorth.com

SOUTH LOCATION (S. Tryon/Woodlawn Area)

4215 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Ste B, Charlotte NC
704-837-0515 ~ info@exitstrategyus.com

You never know who you might see here!