Things to know about this room:

  • Theatrical lights/sounds including strobe lights
  • Hoods, crawling and ducking required by everyone
  • Short time in a smaller space
  • It is a sequel to Final Sacrifice but you do not need to have played it to play Baruta’s Revenge

Consider this room if:

  • The room description didn’t scare you!

Room preview video 

Baruta’s Revenge

As you come to, your head is spinning, and your ears are ringing. For a moment you can’t remember what just happened. But then it all comes rushing back: being kidnapped, the sacrifice chamber, the hoods, the restraints, the fear and that voice… That voice that tormented you as you were trying to somehow prove your worth to some demon. And just when you were going to get up and run away from this hell, goosebumps run across your skin as your friend says: “it’s not over, we need to go.”

Number of players: 3 to 6

Difficulty level: 10 / 10

Age Restrictions: 18+. Younger players will not be allowed.