Escape games can be a great teambuilding activity. You get to spend time with your colleagues and work as a team to put together clues and open locks to get out of the room within the allotted hour. During these situations, you get to learn more about your colleagues and how they handle stressful moments which can, ultimately, help or hurt you in the game due to everyone having different problem-solving styles. Who is going to listen or who is going to try to control the situation? Here are some things you could perceive in the room:

Who is a team player?

Escape rooms are meant to be tackled as individuals coming together to solve a specific problem. But sometimes, people can get so caught up in trying to find clues and unlock locks that they perceive it as more of a competition than a group activity. There could be some colleagues whose competitive nature comes through as they try to solve the mystery to unlock the door quicker before anyone else.

Who is organized?

In your escape room, you’re going to have to keep up with clues and keys. If you find clues in the wrong order and can’t use them yet, you will need to keep them separate from the ones you’ve already used. One colleague will probably step forward to organize the materials and keep track of what has and has not been used already, which is important to using your time efficiently.

Who keeps a clear head?

Depending on the room you choose, you could encounter noises and moments that feel scary. Are your colleagues going to panic or press forward and continue trying to figure out clues? If there is chaos in the room it will be difficult to accomplish your mission, so a colleague that panics and doesn’t keep a clear head could slow the team down.

Escape rooms can be a fun way to learn about your colleagues both inside and out of the office, and Exit Strategy has the perfect rooms for the job. Are you ready try and escape one of them? Book one of our south location rooms or try out Spy Trainer or Subject Zero at our north location. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to learn just a little more about your coworkers in stressful situations.