Three things to wear to play an escape room

The demands of an escape room vary from game to game, but what you wear to participate is pretty consistent. When you’re preparing for an escape room game, you want to make sure what you’re wearing won’t disrupt your mission to escape and find clues. You definitely don’t want to slow yourself or your team down at crunch time! So here are our suggestions on what to wear!

  1. Comfortable Clothes
    You probably don’t want to wear clothing that restricts you or is too tight. Depending on what room you choose, you will also want to wear something that you won’t mind getting dirty. You may have to sit or crawl on the floor, so leave your favorite shirt and pants at home!
  1. Comfortable shoes
    When you participate in an escape room, you always want to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. Since you will have to move around the room to find clues, you want to be able to do so with ease. Plus, if the floor is uneven, you don’t want to fall because your shoes tripped you up! Don’t wear anything that will hinder your mission!
  1. Glasses
    If you don’t need your glasses all the time but use them for reading, bring them. You will have to read clues and hints to help you escape the room. You don’t want your vision to be the reason your team can’t beat the clock!

At Exit Strategy, we want to provide a safe, fun environment for our participants. We try our best to let you know what to expect from each of our rooms and specify what articles of clothing we advise you not wear. If you have any questions or concerns about our rooms, feel free to contact us.