Escape rooms can be a fun way to bond with friends and practice team building among colleagues. However, when playing, some players get distracted, overexcited, or over-analytical while trying to escape. Exit Strategy knows escape rooms, and we want you to succeed while playing the game. Take some time to read through these four common mistakes players make as they try to complete a room, so you don’t make the same errors!

  1. Stressing over the time limit

When you’re in an escape room, you have a limited amount of time—60 minutes—to look for clues, put them together, and get out. This can be a stressor for some participants. They get caught up in looking at the clock and panic about how much time has passed and how much time is left. Don’t fret. When you’re constantly worried about the time limit, you could miss important clues and, in turn, lose the game. If you need to, cover the clock (if allowed and possible) so your focus isn’t solely on time.

  1. Not listening to the given information

At the beginning of your escape room experience, your game master will explain the rules of the game, your mission, and any relevant backstory that you should know. If you’re not paying attention, you could miss important information that could help you exit the room and win! Be sure to listen and absorb the information that you are given.


  1. Not asking for a hint

When teams are working to complete an escape room, they may feel as though asking for a hint is cheating. They could also feel as though they are taking the easy way out to solve the puzzle. With this mindset, players will stand in a room at a standstill because they don’t know what else they should be looking for to escape. Being unable to set aside your pride and ask for help is another way to lose the game. You’re NOT cheating! Otherwise, what is your game master there for?


  1. Not distributing tasks

While escape rooms are all about teamwork, some teams make the mistake of allowing everyone to work on the same clue. As a team, you should decide who should focus on what. This will help your group increase productivity and time efficiency. As you find clues, be sure to share them and, as a team, see what you can put together and helps get you closer towards your mission’s goal.


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