Planning on rising to the challenge of an escape room? You’re in for a treat! Escape rooms are a great way to test your skills and hone your teamwork abilities, but choose your team wisely. To have the best chance of beating an exit room, you need very specific kinds of problem solvers. Here are five people you definitely want to invite…

  1. The Organizer.
    Without someone there to organize the process, your team can quickly become overwhelmed with the sheer number of puzzles and clues in an exit room. Someone should be in charge of organizing from the get-go, from remembering numbers that might be important to stacking the materials you’ve already used to solve a puzzle. This person should also keep everyone on track, which will prevent your team from doubling-up its efforts.

  2. The Delegator.
    Every team needs a leader! The larger a team is, the more direction it will need to efficiently and effectively solve puzzles. Someone will almost always emerge as a natural leader, and it’s their job to survey the room. They should be able to weigh big picture and small picture puzzles to determine where to best spend the team’s time.

  3. The Worker Bee.
    Some puzzles take time! Whether it’s paging through an old book, lining mirrors up just right, or trying different codes on a lock, someone will inevitably need to put their head down and get to work. You’ll probably have more than one Worker Bee on your team, able to take direction and stick to the task at hand without getting distracted.

  4. The Free-Thinker.
    Sometimes a puzzle is more than it appears at first sight! It’s very important at least one person on your team is able to think outside the box and see the less obvious answers to questions. They’ll be the team member to come up with a brilliant idea no one else has even thought of.

  5. The Level-Head.
    When the clock is tick, tick, ticking, it can be easy to get caught up in the pressure. Someone needs to be the team cheerleader, reassuring everyone they’re on the right track and keeping the group abreast of the time. That way, everyone else can concentrate on puzzling out the clues, not on the dwindling seconds!


They say a team’s only as strong as its weakest link, but in an escape room, every member adds something to the team! Be sure to choose your group carefully, and bring as many team members as you can rustle up. The more kinds of problem solvers the better.

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