Exit room games can be a lot of fun, but are they family friendly? Here at Exit Strategy, we get questions all the time from parents about what’s available, what’s appropriate, and what age levels our multi-player strategy rooms are suitable for.

We’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you need to know about bringing your kids to an exit room.

Some Escape Rooms Aren’t for Kids
For the most part, escape game facilities are designed for adults. That doesn’t mean kids aren’t welcome and won’t have fun, though! It’s definitely a good idea to research the escape room you’re thinking of visiting before showing up with you kids to make sure they allow children and/or teenagers and ask their advice. In most cases, certain rooms will have age limits and require pre-approval for kids under 18 or younger. Some facilities even have specially-designed rooms just for kids, or rooms that kids will be particularly good at!

Age is Just a Number
Remember, just because kids are allowed doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy the experience. You know your kids best. Are they fidgety? Unable to focus? Hate losing? They may not be ready for an escape game just yet. If they enjoy working as a team and solving logic puzzles, though, they’ll probably have a blast. It doesn’t really matter whether a child is 12 or 17…it’s their puzzle-solving skills and ability to adapt that make them ready for an escape room!

Think About Your Team
Bringing a child to an escape game for the first time? They’ll probably be the most relaxed and have the most fun if they’re surrounded by people they know. We recommend getting a large group of kids, adults, and/or family members together to compete in a game at once. You can solve puzzles in a variety of ways: As one big group, in clusters of one kid + one adult, or even as clumps of kids and grown-ups! We’ve even seen groups of kids competing together as a birthday party activity. They key is to create a situation in which the kid(s) will feel at ease shouting out answers and making suggestions.

Choose Your Theme Wisely
Escape games come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more physical, some are highly complex, and some are designed specifically to be spooky. Scary escape rooms probably aren’t the most conducive for kids! Browse through the room themes with your child and talk to them about which sounds the most exciting. The more captivating the theme, the more your child will enjoy the entire experience.


Ready to bring the whole family to an escape game? Exit Strategy is one of the country’s largest escape room facilities and our team will make sure your whole group feels comfortable and informed. Schedule your team challenge today, or call us directly to talk about your specific situation.