Escape rooms can be a fun, interactive way to bring coworkers or a group of friends together. You get to search for clues and work as a team to put them together to beat the escape room challenge. But, what if your hour ends and you still haven’t escaped? Don’t worry, it happens to the best teams!

 Here are some things to remember if you don’t escape:

  1. Escape challenges can be difficult! Escape rooms have different levels of difficulty. Each room is meant to challenge you and make you observe and work together. Depending on which room you choose to try, the odds of getting out in time may be lower than in another escape room. However, because we know our games are difficult, you always have the option of requesting as many hints as your group would like.


  1. You may not have escaped the room but guess what? You can always try the room again later! Even if you don’t finish the room on the first attempt, you are more than welcome to try the room again by joining us for one of our “Do Over Sundays”, where you’ll have the chance for redemption. Then, you’ll just have a little more insight on what you should focus on and how to prioritize your time better!


  1. No matter what, don’t let it get you down! There’s no punishment or shame if you don’t open the door in 60 minutes. At Exit Strategy, you never need to be concerned about anyone trying to embarrass you if you don’t escape – you’re human! It happens to many people, and how fun would it be if you won every time?


While completing your escape room within the time limit is exciting and can certainly foster a sense of accomplishment, not finishing the room never means you’ve failed. Here at Exit Strategy, we know you want the satisfaction of beating the challenge, but we also want you to have fun. Relax and try to remember to not get hung up on beating the clock.

We have a variety of rooms to choose from that will guarantee fun for the entire group. Our goal is to challenge you while keeping you engaged. Think you’re ready to escape? Book a room today.