2018 is going to bring a few new rooms at Exit South so if you need closure, January will be a great month! As always, price is going to be $15 plus tax per person who has played the specific room before. If you’ve not yet played the room, you can’t join in the do over fun! Even though you might still play with strangers if you don’t book the entire room, they too will be seeking redemption. Here are the dates:

Exit South
Cabin in the Woods: January 7th
Quest of Honor: January 7th
Murder Mystery: January 14th
Lost in Space: January 21st
Bank Heist: January 28th

Exit North
Spy Trainer: January 7th
Subject Zero: January 14th
Mansion: January 21st
Ruins: January 28th

These cannot be booked online. Give us a call to reserve your spots!

Exit South at 704-837-0515
Exit North at 980-859-4482