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3 Things You’ll Learn About Your Colleagues During an Escape Game

Escape games can be a great teambuilding activity. You get to spend time with your colleagues and work as a team to put together clues and open locks to get out of the room within the allotted hour. During these situations, you get to learn more about your colleagues and how they handle stressful moments which can, ultimately, help or hurt you in the game due to everyone having different problem-solving styles. Who is going to listen or who is going to try to control the situation? Here are some things you could perceive in the room:

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3 Ways to Solve Escape Game Puzzles Faster

Escape games are designed to make you think critically and work as a team. If you don’t do those two important things while in the room, you won’t be able to accomplish your mission—escaping. Whether it’s your first game or your 100th, it’s always great to know tips of the trade when it comes to escaping, especially when players are known for making common errors while inside rooms. And (let’s be honest) most people want to know how they can escape the room quickly and more efficiently – because mistakes are commonly made.

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Here’s What it Takes to Design an Escape Game

Escape rooms – the good ones – are more than just a bunch of puzzles strewn about a spare closet. They’re multi-faceted and intentionally-designed; great escape games must challenge experienced players while not being too difficult for first-timers!

What does it take to design an escape room? Exit Strategy has a lot of experience putting together interactive, exciting escape puzzles. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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Didn’t Escape? 3 Reasons Not to Worry

Escape rooms can be a fun, interactive way to bring coworkers or a group of friends together. You get to search for clues and work as a team to put them together to beat the escape room challenge. But, what if your hour ends and you still haven’t escaped? Don’t worry, it happens to the best teams!

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Here’s Why You Should Play an Escape Game with Strangers

So you want to try an escape game, but you’re just not sure you want to run the risk of playing with strangers? (*Awkward shudder*)

The easiest way to solve that conundrum is to get a group together of 8-10 people, or however many the escape game you want to play accommodates. But, another solution is to open yourself up to the possibility that playing an escape game with strangers can actually be FUN!

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Three things to wear to play an escape room

The demands of an escape room vary from game to game, but what you wear to participate is pretty consistent. When you’re preparing for an escape room game, you want to make sure what you’re wearing won’t disrupt your mission to escape and find clues. You definitely don’t want to slow yourself or your team down at crunch time! So here are our suggestions on what to wear!


4 Common Mistakes When Playing an Exit Room

Escape rooms can be a fun way to bond with friends and practice team building among colleagues. However, when playing, some players get distracted, overexcited, or over-analytical while trying to escape. Exit Strategy knows escape rooms, and we want you to succeed while playing the game. Take some time to read through these four common mistakes players make as they try to complete a room, so you don’t make the same errors!

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